PURC Temporary Hair Dye Wax (7 Colors)

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Brand Name: PURE
Item Type: Hair Dye
Function: temporary hair coloring
Material: Wax
Colors: purple, red, grey, white, yellow, green, blue.
Gender: Unisex

Ingredients: Deionized water, natural cetostearyl alcohol, single and double stearic acid glycerol ester, leveling agent, water quality stabilizer, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid.

1- Easy to wash.
2- Strong with no damage.
3- No stickiness.
4- No irritation.
5- Easy coloring.
6- easy styling.


How to use :

For best results with your PURC One time hair wax, please read the instructions before using:

1- Carry out sensitivity test 24 hours before coloring.

2- Take the appropriate amount.

3- Evenly spread it on the palm of your hand.,Wear plastic gloves and an apron to avoid staining clothing and skin.

4- Apply to the hair evenly.

5- Do style after applying color wax.

6- Rinse hair thoroughly.

To remove:

Wash hair with shampoo to remove color from hair, use makeup remover to wash off skin.


When you use the products on your hair, don’t wear a hat!


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